Experienced in coping with disasters, international UNDP experts are providing on-the-job training to smaller groups of workers.
In Kailahun, access to pure water was a serious constraint. Life wasn’t as easy as it once was for Amara.
Kamara thought about a solution to the blackout problem, but couldn’t fix it alone. He teamed up with two colleagues – a hydrological expert and a research assistant.
When the village savings-scheme was introduced in Shaika village six months ago, Seima was among the first to embrace the idea.
Mr. Sesay, like many detainees at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre await their sentence and in some cases they linger in detention for years while waiting to see a Judge.
Just more than a month after flooding and a mudslide killed hundreds and displaced thousands, many communities remain steadfast, in affected and high-risk areas around Freetown.
The event welcomed university and high school students to engage, debate, and become Sierra Leone’s sustainable development goal ambassadors.

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