The Sustainable Development Goals are Coming to Life

22 Jul 2016


This publication provides a glimpse into the early efforts of 16 countries to bring the global SDGs to life, and the role United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) play in the process. It illustrates how these countries are beginning to integrate the 2030 Agenda into visions, strategies and plans at the national, subnational and local levels. The country efforts include raising public awareness, seeking engagement of different stakeholders, adapting the SDGs to national and local contexts, increasing coherence across policy areas and between levels of government, assessing risk and strengthening monitoring and accountability mechanisms.

The 2030 Agenda was adopted by UN Member States in September 2015 and officially came into effect in January 2016 at the conclusion of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Agenda strives for a world that is just, rights-based, equitable and inclusive; it commits stakeholders to work together to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection and to benefit all, including women, children, youth and future generations. An integrated approach to sustainable development and collective action is required at all levels to address the challenges of our time, with an overarching imperative of ‘leaving no one behind’ in achieving this ambitious and universal agenda.

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