Restoring Livelihoods and Fostering Social and Economic Recovery

26 May 2015





Sierra Leone and its region have been at the forefront of a war waged by the Ebola virus against all humanity, which the country never saw coming and for which no one was prepared. Policies were being implemented that were making the country one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The economy grew by 20.1 percent in 2013 and was projected by the IMF to grow by 11.3 percent in 2014. But the outbreak is moving the country’s economy towards recession this year. Private sector job losses are now set at 50%, 33% of loans are non-performing and five new private sector investment ventures worth an estimated US$1.2 billion have been suspended. Agricultural output has declined by 30% and 280,000 made food insecure. 1,760,000 children have not attended schools for the last six months. Over 8,320 people have been infected by the virus and over 3,100 lives lost including over 440 children. There are over 8,000 orphans and the country has also lost thousands more to non-Ebola diseases which incidences were being reduced before Ebola struck. However, a joint effort amongst all partners is turning the tide against the virus and a battle is still raging to get to zero cases as there can be no recovery before zero.




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