Interim Millennium Development Goals Report 2015

30 Sep 2016


Sierra Leone has concluded the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), spanning January 2000 to December 2015. Despite the country’s weak start in the implementation of these goals, following the end of its decade-long civil war in 2002, it recorded notable progress towards the achievement of a number of the MDG targets. Unfortunately, while the government was on the verge of finalizing the implementation of the MDGs, Ebola virus disease (EVD) broke out in May 2014, killing more than 3,500 people out of a total of more than 8,000 infected persons. This caused unprecedented devastation to the socio-economic fabric of the country until Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free on 7 November 2015. This catastrophe certainly undermined the acceleration of progress made towards the achievement of the MDG targets. Nonetheless, Sierra Leone has generally made laudable strides in the implementation of the MDGs, despite enormous remaining and emerging challenges. 

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