Poverty Reduction

  • Assessment of Development ResultsJul 23, 2015Assessment of Development ResultsThis is the first ADR assessment of UNDP’s contribution to Sierra Leone and covers the period 2008-2012. Specifically, the ADR focused on the previous 2008- 2010 Country Programme Document (CPD) (which was extended by the UNDP Executive Board until 2012), and covered as much as possible of the ongoing 2013-2014 CPD. The findings and recommendations of the ADR were discussed at a stakeholder workshop held in Freetown on 8 July 2014 attended by almost 70 stakeholders who shared their comments on the report and provided feedback on the role and future potential contribution of UNDP in the context of the next country programme.

  • Nov 14, 2014Ebola Socio economic impactThe report aims to consolidate existing analyses on the economic and social impact of the EVD. It provides a preliminary assessment of the first round economic and social impact of the EVD and will serve as reference document for all stakeholders, including government, development partners, NGOs and the private sector in the efforts to fight the Ebola Virus Disease.

  • Sierra Leone moves one place up the human development index but inequality and multidimensional poverty still very highJul 25, 2014Sierra Leone moves one place up the human development index but inequality and multidimensional poverty still very highSierra Leone has moved one place up in the latest Human Development Report from 184th to 183rd, a marginal increase but the highest increase among the Mano River Union (MRU) and G7+ countries but multidimensional poverty and inequality is among the highest in the world despite recent high economic growth according to the latest report launched in Tokyo and later in Freetown last week. The report states that while income poverty is 52.9%, 72.7% of Sierra Leoneans are multidimensional poor, among the highest in the world and comes amidst the potentially devastating Ebola health shock.

  • sl_status_ofthe_youth_report2012FINALAug 12, 2013sl_status_ofthe_youth_report2012FINAL

Our Work - Poverty Reduction

UNDP has been supporting the economic recovery of Sierra Leone since the end of its 11-year civil war. With the country now poised for major socio-economic transformation in a bid to realize its long-term vision of being a Middle- Income Country within the next 25 years and a net lender within 50 years, UNDP will continue to support Sierra Leone’s development agenda by promoting inclusive growth strategies that make real improvements in people’s lives, opening up their choices and opportunities.