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Agribusiness centre boosts youth employment in Sierra Leone

Agriculture should be the mainstay of Sierra Leone’s economy, with the potential to sustainably employ about 75% of the population. However, the lack of a viable agricultural value chain and entrepreneurial activity has kept the sector at a largely subsistence level and failed to slow down efforts tmore


Disaster response helps build community resilience against perennial floods

Sierra Leone’s geographical location, land characteristics, large number of rivers, monsoon climate make the country increasingly susceptible to the impact of climate change and natural disasters and other challenges such as floods, wind storms, landslides, mudslides, wildfires and coastal erosion. more


Saturday Courts help tackle Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Sierra Leone

In a community outreach session in Kenema organized by the Family Support Unit (FSU), a branch of the Sierra Leone Police, civil society activists, community members and police officers joined students in the streets to raise awareness on the rise of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV). During tmore


Sierra Leone: Empowering youth to build lasting peace

Only five percent of Jeneba Fofanah's classmates at the Geology Department of Freetown University, in Sierra Leone, found a job in their area of expertise. Unlike the two million youths who are currently unemployed, Jeneba, aged 23, became a geologist as soon as she graduated from that course. more


Sustainable land management helps restore livelihoods in Sierra Leone

Severe land degradation, caused by the unsustainable use of forest resources, slash-and-burn farming methods and wildfires that destroy crops has resulted in the loss of productive agricultural areas, low productivity of agricultural land, diminishing food security, the deterioration of water and namore


Tackling Youth Unemployment in Sierra Leone: Umaru's Story

Youth unemployment was a major cause of the 11-year civil war in Sierra Leone and remains a serious threat to the peace that is enjoyed in the country today. An estimated 800,000 youths between the ages of 15 and 35 are actively searching for employment. Some of these youths lack skills and educatiomore

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