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  • Agribusiness centre boosts youth employment in Sierra Leone

    Agriculture should be the mainstay of Sierra Leone’s economy, with the potential to sustainably employ about 75% of the population. However, the lack of a viable agricultural value chain and entrepreneurial activity has kept the sector at a largely subsistence level and failed to slow down efforts to reduce youth unemployment. The Sierra Leone Agri-Business Initiative (SABI) Centre is spearheading efforts to help equip young people to transform the agricultural sector and enhance economic growth.

  • Sierra Leone: Empowering youth to build lasting peace

    With over 60% of youth out of jobs, Sierra Leone faces one of the highest youth unemployment rates in West Africa a decade after a devastating civil war. Lack of skilled labour paired with a drastically large number of young people excluded from the labour market threaten hard won development gains.

  • Tackling Youth Unemployment in Sierra Leone: Umaru's Story

    Youth unemployment was a major cause of the 11-year civil war in Sierra Leone and remains a serious threat to the peace that is enjoyed in the country today. An estimated 800,000 youths between the ages of 15 and 35 are actively searching for employment. Some of these youths lack skills and education, but it is even more difficult for those with disabilities and only a basic education to compete for the limited jobs that are available.