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  • Justice mobile app to fast-track court cases in Sierra Leone May 22, 2017

    The new mobile app is the first of its kind in Sierra Leone. It will be used at the highest level of the Judiciary including by the Chief Justice to monitor case progress in a speedy and efficient manner

  • Climate information and early warning to lessen disaster in remote areas May 5, 2017

    The simulation workshop, which was part the Climate Information and Early warning system Project supported by the Global Environmental Facility’s (GEF) Small Grant Programme (SGP), aimed to help improve knowledge on disaster management, particularly on early warning and timely response to floods.

  • From the graveside to the people’s heart: life skills for former burial team members Apr 25, 2017

    At the beginning of the epidemic, public perception of the burial team members was not that welcoming, as they were considered potential transmitters of the virus. In many cases the volunteers were pushed away by their very own communities and family members.

  • UNDP Executive Board welcomes appointment of Achim Steiner as new Administrator Apr 19, 2017

    Mr Steiner has been a respected global leader on sustainable development, international cooperation and global diplomacy for nearly three decades. He is a vocal advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals and the need for unprecedented global cooperation to deliver on this ambitious agenda.

  • District disaster management committees trained to mitigate impact of disasters Apr 11, 2017

    The norm at the Sittia village has been the smoking of fish on large scale for sale in other parts of Sierra Leone. The fish smoking process is normally done through a barbeque over a very large fire. On a hot afternoon in late 2015, the sea and the land breeze clashed with a temperature above the normal average of 27.3 Degree Celsius. Within few hours, the fire ravaged the entire village and gutted down almost 50 houses. All that remained were ashes and thick smoke.

  • Bail and sentencing instrument training for legal practitioners ends in Sierra Leone Apr 10, 2017

    The training of trainers was organised by the Judiciary of Sierra Leone in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with financial support from the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (US Department of State).

  • Development for everyone requires the inclusion of everyone- Global Human Development Report 2016 Mar 30, 2017

    The Report also stresses that millions of people are unable to reach their full potential in life because they suffer deprivations in multiple dimensions of human development. According to the Report, Sierra Leone’s ranking in Human Development Index, which measures progress in long and healthy life, knowledge and decent standard of living, declined from 176 in 2014 to 179 out of the 188 countries and territories in 2015.

  • The Secretary-General’s Appeal for Peace Jan 1, 2017

    No one wins these wars; everyone loses. Trillions of dollars are spent destroying societies and economies, fueling cycles of mistrust and fear that can last for generations. Whole regions are destabilized and the new threat of global terrorism affects us all.

  • UN Secretary-General's remarks at final farewell to staff Dec 30, 2016

    Thank you for your hard work, thank you for your commitment, thank you for your leadership for humanity. You have been working day in and day out. And I thank you. That really has motivated me. Knowing that you are very much committed, that has given me motivation to work harder and harder.

  • Financial Inclusion Strategy for inclusive and resilient economic growth Dec 16, 2016

    The National Strategy for Financial Inclusion is a four-year plan that is developed through a consultative process in order to ensure that key stakeholders will work together to play their important roles in contributing to, and driving, financial inclusion.