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  • BEYOND EBOLA: Talia’s Initiative to Save Mothers and Babies May 14, 2018

    People donated anything they could afford; from offering their time as builders, to donating their goats, chicken, palm oil, yam and rice which were all sold and the proceeds invested in the construction of a new community-owned maternal-child clinic. With the resources accrued, the people of Talia were able to raise the wall of the clinic comprising of four rooms that included a much larger labour-ward, a store, reception and an office space, with mud bricks they had locally produced.

  • Surviving without guns Apr 23, 2018

    Alternative methods for a sustainable future.

  • Street theatre supports women’s voting rights Mar 29, 2018

    “We told them an election is the only way to have a real and pure democratic process. People really wanted to listen.”

  • Making maternal clinics a safer place Mar 26, 2018

    This almost made her gave up the profession she had loved since she was a little girl growing up in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital city.

  • Created by African women to solve an African problem Mar 14, 2018

    The United Nations Development Programme provided technical support to the setting up and functioning of the Women’s Situation Room in Sierra Leone.

  • A day in the media situation room Mar 14, 2018

    This was inside the media situation room on 7 March 2018, when millions of Sierra Leoneans went to the polls to cast their ballot in Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections.

  • Accessible Elections Mar 13, 2018

    The project enabled thousands to exercise their franchise on March 7, at locations where access was judged to be most difficult.

  • The visually impaired vote with ease Mar 13, 2018

    “This election is the first time that real attention has been paid to inclusive participation. In the past it has just been lip service.”

  • Peace dae na we hand Mar 9, 2018

    Sierra Leone votes in Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council Elections.

  • Cash for work prevents youth from migrating to cities Mar 9, 2018

    These projects are driven my members of the communities through cash-for-work schemes. Over 180 youths (80 males and 100 females) have benefited from the schemes.

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