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  • 22 Apr 2012
    Sierra Leone joins thousands around the world to make film history

    Mr. Anthony Koroma, commissioner of the National Youth Commission, Sierra Leone, joined over 200 (mainly youths) representing secondary schools in Freetown, civil society organizations, environmental NGO Green Scenery, peace activists, university students from Fourah Bay College, Njala University, College of Medicine, Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) to see the One Day on Earth film and be part of film history at the Cruzer Cinema, Lagoonda Complex, Sunday 22nd April.

  • 23 Mar 2012
    Celebration of international Women's Day (IWD) - Ms. Mia Seppo, UNDP Sierra Leone Country Director

    On behalf of the United Nations and its Gender Theme Group, I’m honored to be here today celebrating IWD on the theme: Empowering Girls and Women for an Inspiring Future. Women face discrimination and prejudice. Yet all over the world, in Tunisia, in Kenya, in Saudi Arabia, in Sierra Leone, women continue to work hard to make a difference, to alter their lives and the lives of others.

  • 20 Feb 2012
    Sierra Leone Government installs automatic weather stations

    Sierra Leone’s Meteorological Department (SLMD) has installed the final set of six state of the art Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) at the Lungi International Airport, Freetown over the weekend with support from UNDP and UNEP. The other weather stations have already been installed at Fourah Bay College campus in Freetown as well as in Kabala and Rokupr in Northern Sierra Leone and Njala and Kenema in the South and East of the country respectively.

  • 30 Jan 2012
    Eradicating sexual and gender based violence through saturday courts

    In a recent community outreach session organized by the Family Support Unit (FSU) in Kenema, civil society activists, community members and police officers joined mostly teenage pupils in the streets to raise awareness on the rise of sexual and gender based violence. During the rally that followed, one of the community activists, Christiana Massaquoi expressed the feelings of many present when she said: “Sexual abuse is a menace in our society… it must be eliminated in our communities.”

  • 30 Jan 2012
    From market beggar to shoe producer in Sierra Leone – “The most important thing is that now I have hope for the future”

    The story of Umaru Kargbo, in Sierra Leone’s Northern City of Makeni, 113 miles from the capital city of Freetown, is one of resilience and of sheer determination to lift oneself out of poverty. It is also the story of how a country riddled by suffering and stagnation caused by years of civil war and gun-toting youths rampaging through the countryside is emerging slowly into one where its hitherto marginalized youths are participating in national development and social transformation.

  • 30 Nov 2011
    UNDP hands over furniture and equipment to new Civil Service College

    The Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, Dr. Kaifala Marah has said that the handing over of equipment to the newly established Civil Service Training College (CSTC) “signals the beginning of transformation of the Sierra Leone civil service” at a short ceremony attended by Director of the Public Service Reform Unit (PSRU) Dr. Julius Sandy, Director of the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO), Ernest Surrur, UNDP Country Director Ms Mia Seppo and a visiting Kenyan delegation including Professor Margaret Kobia, Director of Kenya School of Government at Tower Hill, Freetown Wednesday 30th November 2011.

  • 25 Nov 2011
    Official launch of the National Youth Commission - Ms. Mia Seppo, UNDP Sierra Leone Country Director

    I would like to start by recognizing the youth. It is for you and the future of Sierra Leone that we are here today. I am very happy to see so many of you here today and I’m looking forward to learning more about your ideas and vision for how you will be working with the Youth Commission. I hope that you will share with your friends the messages that are made here today.

  • 21 Nov 2011
    UNDP and Family Support Unit end community outreach and training to reverse “Menace of gender based violence” in Makeni, Bo, Kenema and Freetown

    UNDP and the Family Support Unit (FSU) of the Sierra Leone Police have ended series of community outreach sessions across the country to help end the “menace of Sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) that is on the increase since the end of the war.” The outreach sessions in all four cities, included a float parade with brass brands in the major streets, starting in Makeni on the 8th November and ended in Freetown Monday 21st November 2011.

  • 14 Nov 2011
    Deputy Minister of Finance launches UNDP Human Development Report 2011 in Freetown

    The Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development Hon Alhaji Foday Mansaray, has launched the Human Development Report 2011, at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone in Freetown on Friday 11th November, 2011.

  • 11 Nov 2011
    UNDP and UNEP support restoration of meteorological services in Sierra Leone

    Accurate and timely weather information is taken for granted in much of the world, but it is almost entirely absent in Sierra Leone as much of the country's meteorological infrastructure was lost during the decade-long civil war. It is against this background that UNDP, in collaboration with the UN’s Environment Programme (UNEP) is supporting efforts to restore weather and climate services in Sierra Leone.

  • 01 Nov 2011
    Independent Media Commission media training - Ms. Mia Seppo, UNDP Sierra Leone Country Director

    The media has an indispensable role in supporting democracy, good governance and peace. The media should be the watchdog, the guardian of the public interest, and a conduit between governors and the governed.

  • 01 Nov 2011
    Family Support Unit Training on Case Management Guidelines

    SGBV is a concern for the consolidation of peace in Sierra Leone as it is critical to protect the rights of men and women and guarantee them mechanisms for redress in events of violation. The UNSCRs 1325 and 1820 emphasizes that sexual offences present a serious challenge to international peace and security and therefore calls for an end to impunity for all sexual violence.

  • 06 Sep 2011
    Female football legend Marta ends two-day visit to Sierra Leone declaring “When women succeed, we all win.”

    UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, Marta Vieira Da Silva, five-time FIFA world female player of the year, ended a two-day visit to Sierra Leone Sunday to promote women’s empowerment with the message “When women succeed, we all win.”

  • 16 Aug 2011
    Football superstar Marta visits Sierra Leone to promote women’s empowerment

    The best female football player in the world, Marta Vieira da Silva of Brazil will visit Sierra Leone from 29th to 31st August 2011 in her capacity as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to highlight the country’s efforts in promoting women’s empowerment.

  • 23 Jul 2011
    UNDP and Partners train community water maintenance assistants in Makeni

    United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MEWR), UNICEF and Muloma Womens Development Association (MUWODA), a Community Based Organisation has trained 12 community plumbers, from Bumbuna, Mapaki and Kabumban communities for the maintenance of the Gravity –fed water systems, last weekend in Makeni city.

  • 19 Jul 2011
    Government of Sierra Leone delegation off to Kenya on performance management tour

    A four-man delegation of senior government executives has arrived in Nairobi, on a week-long study tour on performance management and performance contracting in the Kenyan civil service.

  • 06 Jun 2011
    UNDP ends workshop on electoral operational planning with UNDP calling for “Credible and technically sound” elections

    A three day workshop on Electoral Operational Planning organized by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under its Global Programme for Electoral Cycle Support (GPECS), held at the Taia Resort Hotel in Freetown, ended Friday, 3rd June, 2011. The workshop was attended by delegates from over 25, mainly African countries representing Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) and UNDP Country Offices.

  • 25 May 2011
    UN family hands over palm oil processing plant and information platform to the agribusiness centre on Africa Day

    Director General of the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), Kandeh Yumkella, along with a high powered delegation from the Peacebuilding Commission and the UN family in Sierra Leone, has handed over a Palm Oil processing plant and solar-powered Business Information and Communication (BIC) platform to the Sierra Leone Agri-Business Initiative (SABI) Centre in Newton on Africa Day, May 25th 2011.

  • 18 Mar 2011
    Ministry of Finance and UN launch 2010 MDG report in Makeni, Bo and Kenema

    The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MOFED) in collaboration with the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Sierra Leone has launched the 2010 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report in the provincial cities of Makeni, Bo and Kenema in a week-long event starting from the 15th in Makeni, to 18th March, 2011.

  • 05 Mar 2011
    Chiefs call on their people to stop land degradation as sustainable land management pilot sites launched

    Paramount Chief of Gbendembu Gowahun Chiefdom, Kandeh Baba Keha III has said that “If we destroy our land now, what will we bequeath to our children?” during the launch of pilot sites for the Sustainable Land Management Project by the Deputy Provincial Secretary in the Northern Region, Mr. Abdulai Koroma.