• Enhancing security coordination and collaboration in combating transnational, organised crime Jun 2, 2016

    To strengthen collaboration and coordination among various security agencies operating at the borders, UNDP supported the ONS in a week-long training series (May 23- May 27) for about 90 border security operatives at the land border cross points. The trainings targeted Koindu in East bordering Guinea, Jendema in South bordering Liberia and Gbalamuya in the North bordering Guinea aimed at strengthening collaboration between various security units initially through measures to prevent transnational and organised crime in these hard-to-reach border communities.

  • Reducing charcoal use in Sierra Leone Mar 23, 2016

    Thirty three-year-old, Fatmata Cole never imagined she could end up hawking charcoal on the streets of Freetown. Sixteen years ago, Fatmata was a junior secondary school pupil with hopes of a brighter future in Freetown. But instead she dropped out of school and joined her aunt who introduced her to charcoal trading.

  • Bolstering community participation in constitutional review Dec 8, 2015

    In total 394 Wards have been reached with 800 community volunteers deployed on Constitutional kiosks to sensitize the public and encourage their participation through the Constitutional Review Committee’s public submission forms. The trained community volunteers assist individuals and groups to fill out submission forms as well as collect completed forms.

  • Climate change poses dire consequences - Minister Says Nov 3, 2015

    Sierra Leone’s Minister of Water Resources, Momodu Maligi III, has warned that changes in the climatic condition of Sierra Leone will have dire consequences on the rural population calling for concerted efforts to “speedily tackle the menace with determination.”

  • Sierra Leone to host Social Good Summit 2015: Sep 15, 2015

    United Nations Development Programme in Sierra Leone will join the global community to observe the Social Good Summit (SGS). Innovation for Social Good is a much-needed ingredient in our post-Ebola Recovery drive along with environment protection and youth empowerment. Our country relies on young people with innovative ideas to provide solutions for not only post-Ebola recovery but also to address challenges facing Sierra Leone including climate, ending poverty, employment and sustainable development in general. This year’s Social Good Summit (SGS) in Sierra Leone is a one-day meet-up to discuss how new technology and innovation for social good initiatives around the country.

  • Solar energy gets a boost in Sierra Leone Aug 3, 2015

    Aiming to start changing behaviors, the programme also distributed solar lanterns and radios to staff, to generally promote the use of solar energy and to boost staff welfare, health and security, especially as some of the neighbourhoods where staff members live can go for days, sometimes weeks, without electricity. A total of 200 solar lanterns and radios were distributed to UN staff in Freetown.

  • “Small arms pose a great threat to society” as Sierra Leone launches weapons collection in border areas. Jul 31, 2015

    The project launch which attracted local authorities, government officials, security officials, civil society organizations and development partners is a pilot weapons collection programme that will target border towns and villages in ECCOWAS countries including Niger, Mali, Guinea, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone. It hopes to collect arms in exchange for development activities, which would be made possible through the 5.6 Million Euros funding from the European Union.

  • Climate change might undermine decades of development gains. Jul 23, 2015

    According to analyses done in 2012 for the development of Sierra Leone’s Second National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, climate change will lead to severe consequences in Sierra Leone including: decreased agricultural productivity, degradation of the coastline and damage to coastal structures, a shift from tropical rain forest to dry forest, food and nutrition insecurity, water stress and severe economic impacts that will undermine decades of development gains.

  • Ebola Response and Recovery Jul 20, 2015

    The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been the worst of its kind in recorded history. Over 11 thousand people, including over 3,900 in Sierra Leone.

  • 'Support Sierra Leone's recovery' urges UNDP country chief Jul 10, 2015