Sierra Leone welcomes Model United Nations

Nov 3, 2017

Model United Nations, Sierra Leone, 2017 © Lilah Gaafar/UNDP Sierra Leone

Alice Sankoh and Gladys Duramany are year two students at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Eager to learn more about the United Nations, both students sit patiently and study how the delegates present and express themselves on the opening day of Sierra Leone’s first ever Model United Nations.


Hosted by the Institute of Public Administration and Management in Freetown, Faculty and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) representative, Mahmoud Conteh, delivered speeches to Sierra Leone’s young leaders as they stepped into the shoes of international diplomats to act on behalf of UN member states for the week ahead.


With the majority of the population under 30, Model United Nations is an important training ground for positive change in Sierra Leone. Speakers emphasized the importance of deep reflection and nimble thinking before communicating. Something this group of young leaders will put into action as they replicate UN sessions, researching, negotiating and resolving issues together.


Funded by the UNDP Country Office, Model United Nations will bring the UN close to the young people of Sierra Leone with discussion on the role of youth in poverty, child safety through protection and inclusion, and the role of women in combatting climate change.


The theme of this year’s conference is Global Citizenship, defined by IPAM Professor Sesay. In his opening remarks, he explained the importance of cultural pluralism in this diverse world, and stressed the need for critical thinkers amongst tomorrow’s leaders.


The event will run from 1 - 3 November, welcoming university and high school students to engage, debate, and become Sierra Leone’s sustainable development goal ambassadors. 

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