Call for Parliamentarians to support African Position on the future Post-2015 Development Agenda in Africa.

Apr 2, 2014

(L - R) Edmund Cowan, Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee, Memunatu Pratt, Head of Conflict and Peace Studies at Fourah Bay College, Hon Chernor Bah, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Lakshmi Pillai, Chief Technical Adviser - Parliament, Elizabeth Solomon, Peace and Development Advisor (UN Resident Coordinator’s Office) and Sudipto Mukerjee, UNDP Country Director.

Freetown, 2nd April 2014: United Nations Development Programme Country Director, Sudipto Mukerjee has told parliamentarians in Freetown on Monday that the Common African Position on the Post-2015 development agenda seeks to re-orient the development paradigm away from externally-driven initiatives and towards domestically inspired and funded initiatives that will enhance the structural economic transformation of Africa.

“The Common African Position is based on a strong commitment not only to good governance at all levels for sustainable and equitable development.” Mukerjee said adding that it is also: “To complete the unfinished MDG business by focusing on the quality aspects of service delivery in the areas of education and health.”

During a keynote speech at a workshop on Mediation and Conflict Resolution for MPs and members of Sierra Leone’s Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), Mukerjee further stated that the Common African Position (CAP) draws from the African Union’s 2063 long term agenda committing to deliver on various declarations relating to social and economic integration, poverty eradication and employment for African people.

The CAP also resolves to reverse Africa's dependence on a cluster of primary commodities and to create decent jobs, strengthen resilience to external shocks, deepen and sustain the improved socio-economic performance of the continent by harnessing science, technology and innovation.  Mukerjee said “…the Common African Position acknowledges that the achievement of development objectives requires peace and security promoted by measures to prevent the outbreak of armed conflicts, thus addressing the root causes of conflict, including economic and social inequalities.”

The Common African Position was developed by the High Level Committee on the Post-2015 development agenda chaired by the President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia and comprising nine other Heads of State including the Presidents of Algeria, Chad, Ethiopia, Congo, Guinea, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia and South Africa. A final communiqué was issued by the Heads of State and Governments in Ndjamena, Chad last February. The CAP is based on six pillars including: 1) Structural economic transformation, 2) science, technology and innovation 3) a people-centred development 4) environmental sustainability 5) for the first time ever; peace and security and 6) partnership for development.


UNDP has had a presence in Sierra Leone since 1965, working in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone, development partners, UN agencies, civil society and local communities, contributing to good governance, peace and sustainable development.

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