People living in incarceration are a vulnerable group that need just as much considerable support as any other group more so during health emergencies. As the Corona Virus pandemic continues to spread worldwide, people are being torn apart. Sierra Leone's prisons are no exception, they declared a suspension on visitations from outside. To help maintain contact with loved ones, UNDP procured pre-paid mobile phones to be used by the inmates and Staff.
Energy consumption in Sierra Leone is dominated by biomass, which accounts for over 80% of energy used. The largest source of biomass energy is wood fuel followed by charcoal. Imported Petroleum Products are the next largest source of power at approximately 13%. Grid-generated electricity accounts for the remainder of the power supplied to the country’s citizens. Wood fuel is the traditional form of energy and is used almost exclusively by households for cooking and craft activities. With Climate Change threatening economies, more efforts are required to help the most vulnerable populations such Sierra Leone to be climate change resilient.
Police play a crucial role in enforcing community adherence to COVID-19 mitigation measures. UNDP is supporting towards that and social cohesion.
UNDP supports joint border COVID-19 intervention among SIerra Leone, Guia and Liberia to enhance the skills and capabilities of border and community authorities to better address COVID-19 challenges.
“Even in the face of several human tragedies and financial resource constraints, Sierra Leone has demonstrated resilience that defines a pathway to build on the country’s strength and minimizes vulnerabilities” UNDP Resident Representative in Sierra Leone, Dr. Samuel Doe.
Inefficient production and use of charcoal is resulting into large-scale deforestation in Sierra Leone. An estimated 533,000 Ha of forest area is required every year for meeting the current charcoal needs. More efficient ways of utilizing charcoal as cooking energy are required for environmental sustainability and climate resilience.
Sierra Leone's maiden Open Day of the Fifth Parliament entitled ‘’making parliament of Sierra Leone visible and engaging with the public.’’

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