This year’s theme for the Social Good Summit 2021 will be ‘Lɛ wi fɛn idia pan Agrikɔlchɔ fɔ mɛk Salone Food ɛn ɛnvironmɛnt sikur’ (Let us Innovate in Agriculture for Food Security & Sustainable Environment in Sierra Leone).
With funding from UNDP, National COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre (NaCOVERC) has deployed some 402 mobilisers and supervisors in Western Area Rural and Urban Districts over 60 days, preparing communities for mass COVID-19 vaccination at ward level.
Recent joint mission to the Jendema Border led by UNDP Deputy Resident Representative- Rokya Ye Dieng and Mano River Union (MRU) Secretary General-Madinah Wesseh found some of our trainees have formed business groups that are leaping into various business ideas.
Blessed with a youthful population, with 7 in 10 citizens being below the age of 35, the impact is not only on young people who do not have qualifications, but increasingly, unemployment is common amongst those with diplomas and graduate level qualifications.
The Gender Equality Seal incentivizes UNDP Country Offices to integrate gender equality into all aspects of their development work.
Translated into 5 main Sierra Leone languages, the Disaster Risk Reduction Dictionary is an effective tool to support communities during disasters.

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