Democratic governance

Consolidation of peace

Promoting democracy and strengthening good governance are central to the transition from recovery to long-term development. A population’s access to justice remains another fundamental building block of a democratic society and contributes to the consolidation of peace. UNDP supports a more accountable and efficient government, together with a public sector that delivers quality service, while advocating for reform and institutional capacity development in Sierra Leone.

As Sierra Leone’s focus has shifted towards peace consolidation and long-term development, UNDP’s democratic governance interventions have aligned to critical support to capacity development at the leadership level in order to drive the delivery of essential public services while promoting institutional reform. UNDP supports the Government of Sierra Leone in strengthening institutions and processes that are more responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, including the poor, and that promote sustainable development. This assistance centers on promoting peaceful, inclusive and credible electoral processes, increasing access to justice, establishing a leaner, performance-oriented civil service and supporting a credible and inclusive constitutional review process.

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