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By-Laws & COVID-19; Local Government Ministry and 22 Local Councils Consolidate Commitments on National Response

The current state of local councils in Sierra Leone is not where we want them...but, with support from UNDP and signing of the LOAs with the ministry and with all local councils, we should be able to…  

National Human Development Report 2019

Accelerator Lab: From Lion Mountains to the Land of a Thousand Hills

An experience of UNDP's bootcamp in Kigali, Rwanda on 2-6 September 2019  

Justice that Leaves No One Behind

UNDP has been of big help to us. The center had so many challenges. The first one being poor sanitation which UNDP has helped us to alleviate.  


I believe this validation workshop will provide the platform for effective discussions and input by key stakeholders to ensure the Coastal adaptation plan stand the test of time for its effective use…  

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