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Africa Commits to Sustain Blue Economy at TICAD7

Africa commits to enhance the development of blue economy as the engine of growth as it has the potential of driving industrialization, alleviating poverty, increasing food security and creating job…  

Global Policy Network

GPN is the engine for thought leadership, UNDP’s programmatic work and a vital delivery mechanism of our integrator function.  

Recycling and Waste Management

Through sustainable waste management strategies, the United Nations Development Programme in Sierra Leone is working hard to reduce risk of flooding in slum communities in Freetown, providing skills…  

Disaster Risk Management

The Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Project helps to enhance resilience to natural and man-made disasters in the most vulnerable communities within targeted districts across Sierra Leone.  

Compost to combat disaster

Through a train-the-trainers approach, UNDP has mobilized 55 community members in Dwazark, who are already reaping the benefits of mixing banana peel, tree leaves, and other organic decomposable…  

The new normal: Living at peace with nature

Experienced in coping with disasters, international UNDP experts are providing on-the-job training to smaller groups of workers.  

Disaster Recovery and Risk-Management Newsletter

Providing coordination to the UN system, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been supporting the development of a Recovery and Risk Management Action Plan (RRMAP), under the leadership…  

Analysis of the Causal and Trigger Factors of the August 2017 Landslide in Freetown: towards a Sustainable Landslide Risk Management in Sierra Leone

A technical publication jointly produced by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sierra Leone and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Sierra Leone revealing the triggers and the…  

Life-Saving Lyrics Fill the Airwaves in Sierra Leone

With support from UNDP, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Sierra Leone has developed a radio jingle, to raise awareness of the ways that human activity can be harmful to the environment. …  

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