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Africa Commits to Sustain Blue Economy at TICAD7

Africa commits to enhance the development of blue economy as the engine of growth as it has the potential of driving industrialization, alleviating poverty, increasing food security and creating job…  

Global Policy Network

GPN is the engine for thought leadership, UNDP’s programmatic work and a vital delivery mechanism of our integrator function.  

UNDP in partnership with GEF Launched Adapting to Climate Change Induced Coastal Risk Management Project : UNDP Country Director Speech

The coastal zone in Sierra Leone is highly vulnerable to the increased frequency of coastal erosion, flooding and storm surges.  

UNDP Sierra Leone 2017 Annual Report: The next phase of development

This report is an account of UNDP's continued contribution to the development process of Sierra Leone. It comes at a pivotal time in the country's history as it transitions into the 'next phase' of…  

BEYOND EBOLA: Talia’s Initiative to Save Mothers and Babies

People donated anything they could afford; from offering their time as builders, to donating their goats, chicken, palm oil, yam and rice which were all sold and the proceeds invested in the…  

Surviving without guns

Alternative methods for a sustainable future.  

Surviving without guns

Momodu Jawara is a Yalunka. One of the ethnic minorities found in Koinadugu district in northern Sierra Leone. Along with agriculture, Jawara's kinsmen are known for three things: cattle rearing,…  

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