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UNDP – relief to recovery

As recovery rolls out one month after the emergency response to the 14 August landslide and floods, UNDP will continue to work with the Government of Sierra Leone moving towards sustainable and…  

Social Good Summit 2017-Future Now; Wetin now?

The Social Good Summit (SGS) is a two-day conference examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. Held annually during United Nations General Week, SGS…  

UNDP stands with Sierra Leone in tragic times

Presumed the worst flooding incident in West Africa for almost two decades, the tragedy has affected more than 5000 residents including infants in 16 communities in Freetown. Motormeh, a mountainous…  

Climate information and early warning to lessen disaster in remote areas

The simulation workshop, which was part the Climate Information and Early warning system Project supported by the Global Environmental Facility’s (GEF) Small Grant Programme (SGP), aimed to help…  

Sierra Leone's search for justice goes mobile

In partnership with UNDP, the Sierra Leone judiciary launched an app in April of this year that has already begun to relieve court clerks, judges and detainees alike in an overstretched judiciary.  

From the graveside to the people’s heart: life skills for former burial team members

At the beginning of the epidemic, public perception of the burial team members was not that welcoming, as they were considered potential transmitters of the virus. In many cases the volunteers were…  

District disaster management committees trained to mitigate impact of disasters

The norm at the Sittia village has been the smoking of fish on large scale for sale in other parts of Sierra Leone. The fish smoking process is normally done through a barbeque over a very large fire.…  

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